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An Introduction

Lavish Chicas was founded in 2014, and has been providing quality Jewelry and Accessories to the public ever since. Located in Nairobi, Lavish Chicas has provided Worldwide shipping to its global customers and provides all of the latest and trendiest fashion accessories for women around the world all at an affordable price.


The name Lavish Chicas hopes to convey our mission to empower women and encourage each woman to be her own Boss and dress the part with empowering jewelry. Being a Lavish Chica is a lifestyle.

In addition, we welcome All Fashion enthusiasts around the world to our Brand Ambassador Program where we can discuss and promote Sustainability in the Fashion and Retail industry. Through this Program, we aim to find ways in which to promote local artisans and retailers who use locally sourced items and materials to make the jewelry we source. Through our ambassador program, our Lavish Chicas can also find an extra source of income and discounts through our referral program.

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